January 15, 2010

Tower Records Is Back...Sorta

Last year, I blogged about how unused real estate in the city was being utilized as temporary gallery space. Today, the biggest of these repurposing schemes opens on Broadway in the storied home of Tower Records.  

Starting with an opening from 7-10p tonight, the old Tower HQ is being reborn as "Never Records"; a real world mashup of store, art gallery and performance space, all of it put together by the creative folks at NoLongerEmpty.com.  The new store will have some records for sale (in bins!) for those feeling nostalgic for the vinyl, as well as tons of art work too.  There's a cool looking graphic novel-style tribute to Vanilla Ice that takes up of a whole wall on PAPER mags preview of the space.  Talk about nostalgia!  I might have even gotten his greatest work there on cassingle...remember those?  

Anyway, I will be there for the kickoff.  If you can't make it tonight, the new space will be open daily, 12-7p until February 13th.

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  1. i love that you employed the word "storied"; i planned to use it myself in an article about the staging of Falsettos up here in Feb.