January 19, 2010

GLEE Rocks The Globes

That's GLEE creator Ryan Murphy at the center of the love scrum after the show won Golden Globe for TV's best Musical/Comedy.  I believe it's the first time an actual musical has won that award since the 70's heyday of variety shows.  Anyway, seeing the GLEE gang win was my favorite moment of the Globes this year. 

Today there's a roundup of GLEE news over at Andy Towle's blog.  I'd heard about the inevitable all-Madonna episode but it has been revealed that Jane Lynch will finally get to to a little song & dance herself in that episode, with her take on "Vogue". There's also upcoming guest stars galore, including Neil Patrick Harris and maybe even J-Lo. Genius!  

There is also some big news about casting for the recently greenlit Season 2.  Kurt is going to get a boyfriend, and not just some 3-episode arc kinda deal but the real thing.  With creative choices like this, Ryan Murphy and co. are cranking out the most unusual and groundbreaking show on TV in years.  April can't come soon enough. Go GLEE!

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  1. Thanks for the GLEE update! I miss it! Can't wait for Sue's "Vogue".