August 17, 2012

Internet Nostalgia circ. 1995 And Some Shocking Predictions

"Hey -- why should I be on the Internet?" That's the question that kicks off a recently rediscovered Montana PSA to encourage local libraries and school to get online.  The answer, though is the kicker; "the internet will be our phone, our shopping, even our TV" so say a bunch of extremely enthusiastic 9-year-olds.  This video is great not only for it's spot-on prediction but also for the great screen grabs of the Internet 1.0.

When I saw this on YouTube, the next featured video was a 1995 commercial for AOL (posted below).  Ah--remember when AOL was The Internet?  Those were the days.  Except for the ads reminder of how they used to charge hourly for access.  That has to be one of the best money-making scams of all time, right?  The commercial repeatedly boasts "10 free hours!" if you sign up with AOL.  Well, they got the certainly got their corporate comeuppance.  Now it just may be Facebook's turn as their stock took a dive yesterday, hitting an all-time low.

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