August 20, 2012

Guilty Pleasure TV: THE L.A. COMPLEX on The CW

With the Olympics over and the new TV season not yet begun, what to watch?  I recently got a recommendation from a fellow filmmaker about a show on The CW that I hadn't even heard of. It's called THE L.A. COMPLEX and follows the adventures of a group of folks trying to make it in "The Biz" living in one of those uniquely L.A. apartment complexes centered around a pool ala MELROSE PLACE.

OK--I know. This sounds like a recipe for boredom and/or soap camp but I was suprised how interested I was in the show. All the characters are vividly drawn and very real too (for the world they inhabit, that is!)  The writing is also sharp and quite funny too. And in the pilot alone there are a least two OMG moments which were great....a rarity in any hour of television.

The show is produced by a Canadian company and mainly shot in Toronto (my only gripe). It was done as 6 episodes initially but got picked up for a "second season" of 13 episodes which started airing this summer in the US. I've only watched the first couple of episodes of this series on Hulu but I look forward to the rest. Oh and there is one mega spoiler alert that I am not giving away here which I found truly unique and totally real.  Keep watching to find out!

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