May 2, 2012

Does Anyone Remember The Original AVENGERS?

I keep seeing headlines and links to THE AVENGERS everywhere, referring to the new Marvel comics movie due out this Friday.  However, whenever I see these references to THE AVENGERS I think of something other than superheroes.  I recall the stylish Diana Rigg and Patrick Macknee wearing his smart black hat.  When I was a kid the British TV show THE AVENGERS was in syndication and always on in the afternoons or the weekends.  I don't really recall what it was about; something regarding spies maybe?  But I will never forget the sexy and stylish opening sequence and the awesome Bond-like theme song.  Oh yes....and Diana Rigg in that black vinyl jumpsuit.  Whoa.  Below is the later opening for show in glorious color which is also pretty cool looking too.

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