May 3, 2012

Could Your Cat Be An Amazing Photographer Too?

The Tribeca Film Festival wrapped last week and one of the more talked about shorts was CATCAM.  It's about a German engineer named Juergen Perhold living in the South who has a very adventurous cat named Mr. Lee who would disappear for days at a time.  Curious what his cat was up to, Juergen engineered a little "catcam" that hung around Mr. Lee's neck that recorded 500 photos at different intervals of his cat's many adventures, like finding a snake or crawling through a drain.  

You can view Mr. Lee's photos (like the extremely artful shot above of a garage) on Juergen's website. And if you have a cat who wanders, you can buy a catcam of your own for just $53 dollars! Now you can see how your cat lives when you're not around.  It could seem like spying but, if your cat has as great an eye as Mr. Lee, who knows...your kitty's photos could be worth millions in the art world.

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