February 6, 2012

Madonna Wins The Super Bowl

If you were on Twitter last night during the Big Game, the most trending topic was easily #Madonna.  Not to mention the flurry of opinions and wisecracks that filled Facebook before, during and after her much-anticipated half-time show at the Super Bowl.

Today, there are plenty of post-mortems online about her over-the-top and very entertaining 17-minute show. It has generally received great notices and rightfully so.  If Madonna knows anything after 30 some years in showbiz, it's how to put on a show!

Over at NPR.com, there was a nice appreciation of not only her half-time show but also Madonna in general.  Writer Linda Holmes remarks about the unlikely span and breadth of Madonna's career as an entertainer; one that began in 1984 with "Borderline" and has not let up since.  Holmes points out how many laughed at the Material Girl, expecting her to fade away like many of the neon-colored fads of the day. But the bottom line is that her staying power and her showmanship are remarkable by any standard.  So for all the criticism out there, you gotta admit that Madonna is still here and still putting on an incredible show.

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