February 7, 2012

Billy Eichner Kills It On CONAN With Super Bowl "Interviews"

Billy Eichner, one of my favorite NYC comedians, killed it on CONAN last night as a special correspondent reporting from the Super Bowl.  He basically ran around the parking lot at Lucas Oil Field, asking hardcore football fans if they were excited about seeing Madonna.  OMG--too funny!

Billy's trademark style of being too loud and too enthusiastic worked brilliantly in the Super Bowl setting.  And his insane excitement about Madonna gets some truly incredulous looks from the diehard football fans. Even better is when he gets on the football field at the end of the game and starts asking Giants players who have just won the Super Bowl what they thought of Madonna's halftime show.

In case you hadn't heard, Billy now has his own show on the Fuse network where he runs around New York City asking people insane questions and giving them money if he approves of their answers. Definitely worth watching!

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