October 7, 2011


It's been a while since I've posted a fun DIY video....but this one is great!  It definitely takes some knowledge of the original '80s-movie sendup by Katy Perry, which probably cost as much as an '80s movie.  Though this version was probably made for a couple bucks, what it lacks in budget it makes up for in uniqueness and the cute charm of its lead, Michael Chase DiMartino.

DiMartino is a singer-songwriter based in NYC....a dime a dozen right?  Well, not exactly.  His day job is what makes him unique as he is a sign-language interpreter for businesses and for music celebrities too, like Lady Gaga.  So using his skills, he made an ASL version of Perry's catchy hit.  It helps that he is adorable and can dance too.  Watch through to the '80s makeover at the end....awesome!

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