August 2, 2012

John Goodman As Col. Sanders Welcomes The Gays To KFC

There has been a lot of Internet-insanity this week over Chik-Fil-A, the fast food chain with a hateful CEO Truett Cathy.  How this man calls himself a Christian is beyond me and, frankly, would be beyond Jesus Christ  himself. Unbelievable. Yesterday was Chik-Fil-A appreciation day inspired by Mike Huckabee and supported by Wendy's.  Meanwhile this fracas has inspired other companies like Schnippers, Amtrak and The Muppets to come out in support of marriage equality.

Fortunately, in all this intensity, there is something to laugh about.  John Goodman has done a very funny and somewhat demented faux ad for KFC welcoming the gays.  Or, as he puts it in his own unique, way "any money mouth" who wants to eat some fried chicken.  Hilarious and creepy and spot on.  I mean, what national chain business in their right mind actually wants to exclude certain customers?  None, of course. Which leads to the conclusion that CEO Cathy is not in his right mind.


  1. Wendy's corporate ordered the one or two franchises in the South (natch) that put up "we support Chick-fil-A" signs to take them down, and sent out a press release saying they supported all of their customers "regardless of... sexual orientation."

  2. Thanks for the update---thank god someone at Wendy's corporate saw this as a problem.

  3. In this term, I agree. When it comes to bussiness, we shoult not prejudice our buyers. Whether you White,Black,Latino,Color,Gay or Straight and regardless they came from what records...ALL shoult be treated equaly and respectful. Bussiness Rule #1