March 14, 2012

Jimmy Kimmel Asks "Is Uggie A Fake?"

A couple weeks ago, Jimmy Kimmel had Uggie, the dog star from THE ARTIST, on his show to make Oscar picks.  Or did he.  A keen-eyed viewer has pointed out that the dog that appeared on Kimmel's show has different markings than the dog that was in THE ARTIST.  Talking about this shocking discovery on his show last night, Kimmel couldn't believe that someone would pass off a fake to him, for which his show reportedly paid a sizable fee.  As he put it, "it's like someone sending us a Meryl Streep look-a-like instead of the real Meryl Streep."  LoL.

Even more surprising was that the dog on Kimmel's show was the same dog that worked the red carpet at the Globe and the Oscars.  So this begs the question where is the real Uggie?  Kimmel promises a "full investigation."  No comment yet from the Weinsteins.

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  1. UPDATED: Jimmy Kimmel had Uggie's trainer/owner on last night to explain the situation. The trainer said that Uggie had "makeup" on his fur to match two other "stand-by" dogs that were used on THE ARTIST. But he went on to say that Uggie is the only dog appearing in the movie, that the other dogs were only there in case something happened. The trainer was there with the real Uggie, who did his signature tricks, along with the two stand-bys. So no scandal...just doggie makeup!