October 25, 2011

Actor Luke Evans Comes Out, Goes Hollywood, and Then Goes Back In

A week after seeing two celebrities come out publicly, this story is just a little sad.  Actor Luke Evans, a Brit who got noticed doing theatre in London and then ended up in CLASH OF THE TITANS, had given some interviews a few years back where he talked openly about being gay. But now, with the release of the movies THREE MUSKETEERS, IMMORTALS and the upcoming mega-buster THE HOBBIT in which he stars, he is suddenly silent on the topic and seemingly straight.  

Media site Dot429 has the full details on the story and how his managers/agents are saying that admissions he made in earlier interviews were when he was young and immature.  The person who wrote this article claims that he knows, through mutual friends, that Evans would like to continue to be openly gay but the corporate media system has thrown his back in the closet.  They even revised his Wikipedia page to say that he "doesn't like to talk about his personal life." 

So while some actors like Zachary Quinto are brave enough to buck the system, for an up and comer like Evans, the more things change in H'wood the more they stay the same.

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