October 18, 2011

They're Coming Out: Zach Quinto & Dan Kloeffler

A week after National Coming Out day, there is a growing wave of celebrities coming out.  It started on Sunday with Zachary Quinto, most famous for playing Spock in the STAR TREK reboot.  He made his announcement in a very low key way, as part of a movie promo interview with New York magazine, choosing not to go the cover-of-PEOPLE-magazine route.  And that is admirable in that is places his sexuality in the same context as any other actor; that is, it's simply a fact and a facet of his personality.

Then, the coming out party picked up steam today when ABC News anchor Dan Kloeffler came out in a similar manner during his World News Now broadcast.  (You can watch the clip below.)  It's also notable in that Kloeffler makes his sexuality an aspect of who he is when he jokingly talks about breaking his rule for dating actors while commenting on the Quinto story. In a short but eloquent follow-up blog post today, Kloeffler said he was not only inspired by Zach's action and also by the fact that young gay teens need to see they are not alone in their struggles.  So true...and so inspiring too.

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