October 14, 2011

Getting My MAD MEN Fix In The East Village

It's been a little over a year since Season 4 of MAD MEN ended, leaving me and millions of others anticipating the return of Don and the ladies to our screens (TV or otherwise).  It's been quite a long wait as Season 5 got delayed due to contract negotiations. They finally started shooting back in August but the new season will not begin airing until March 16, 2012.  Sigh.

Until then, there is a zippy alternative that I rediscovered last night at the Wilde Project in the EV.  It's a MM musical spoof called The Mad World Of Miss Hathaway starring my good friends Angela DiCarlo and Patrick Johnson.  Ange plays a singing version of Christina Hendricks and Patrick plays a plus-sized version of Peggy.  This installment, the fourth they've put together over the last year, plays with the Beatnik storyline from Season 3 with some catchy songs and hilarious in-jokes for those MM fanatics out there.  And a special guest starring role for downtown writer Mike Albo as an unemployed, pot-smoking hippie.

There is one more show if you want to catch it....tonite at 8p at the Wild Project, 3rd Street btw A/B. Until the real thing appears next spring, this Mad World is a satisfying "fix" for those suffering from MM withdrawal.  And there will be a holiday episode too, coming in early December.  Talk about a Christmas gift!

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