September 16, 2011

Cat Travels From Colorado To New York City

This story hit the wires yesterday about a cat who somehow made it from Colorado to New York after having gone missing in 2006.  However, there was a curious lack of explanation or even speculation how this cute cat pulled this off. Today, the veritable NY Times has some cat travel experts (?!) discussing the how's and maybe the why's of this kitty's cross-country trip.  

In true Times fashion, the story has some amazing little facts;  did you know that 1,715 Coloradans move to NYC every year?  More importantly who the hell is keeping track of these sort of things? Apparently, that is the leading theory about the cat's remarkable trip, that someone in her home state found here and then moved with the cat to New York where she got loose again to be found on East 20th Street.

Anyway, what truly tickled me about this story is the TIMES' photo treatment of the cat as the atypical New York-dreamer, thinking about a new life in the Big Apple and then actually having the gumption to make the trek to get there, hell or high water. (In this case, a tough crossing of the Mississippi River seems to rule out an actual cross-country journey on its own four feet).  No matter what the real story, which we'll probably never find out, this whole yarn would make a pretty good Disney movie, in the old-fashioned animation style of course.  Throw in a couple yearning songs about living the calico dream in Manhattan and I think you've got a blockbuster.

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