July 11, 2011

Come Out And Play Gaming Hits FiDi At Night

The gaming organization Come Out And Play hit the financial district for a night of outdoor gaming.  The first event was a sniffing scavenger hunt called Hounded which we got there too late for unfortunately.  It did seem like fun though as there were a bunch of real dogs involved who were all quite frisky/friendly and a a real live British dude in hunting gear too! WNYC has some nice, full coverage of that game on their website.

The second event was called Shadowplay and it was awesome.  Images of green balls were projected on a large wall next to a church on John Street and, using your body, you and a teammate had to create shadows on top of the balls.  As you did, they would "explode" and you would get points.  And you had to avoid the blue balls that were floating around too.  If you hit one of those, you lost a "life" (4 per 2 minute game).

I played with a friend and we did pretty well, breaking 100 with our first turn.  It really required a lot of stretching skills so fortunately I had been to the gym earlier! As we were waiting, everyone kept saying I would do great because I was tall but actually I would have done better if I were fat.  My skinny shadow was only good to get two or three balls at the same time.  But it was tons of fun and we wanted to play again and again...unfortunately, the computer's batter died and we had to settle for two games.

If you'd like to play yourself, there is a massive gaming Field Day these folks are throwing out on Governor's Island this weekend.  It's happening Saturday July 16th, from 11am-5pm, with multiple games, including some water sports--not the dirty kind! :)  Sounds like a fun summer's afternoon out on The Island, as it were.

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