April 20, 2011

The Cast of GLEE Has Bested The Beatles

Fox's megahit show has broken an interesting record;  the cast of GLEE have topped the Beatles by having 90 songs in the Billboard Top 100.  And this week, they will surely be breaking some more with the release of the show's ninth album, a compilation of the acapella song-stylings of the all-male Warblers group featuring screamboat (and Billboard cover dude) Darren Criss.

Since Criss and Co. first appeared last fall doing a chart-topping cover of Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream", the Warblers have been arguably the best thing happening on the show's sophomore season.  So this album has been highly anticipated and is now out for your listening pleasure and downloadable on iTunes.

The secret to the Warblers success (besides Criss's good looks!) can be found at Tufts University.  That school's all-male acapella group The Beelzebubs has been doing arrangements and background vocals for the onscreen Warblers since last fall.  Interestingly enough, GLEE was originally conceived as a show focused on the acapella world which then expanded more into the show choir world.  So the producers knew of the 'Bubs long history and had listened to many of their 27 albums already.  Though they don't count the Warblers disc as their 28th, they are definitely key to its success.

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