March 10, 2011

Sarah Palin Thinks Cathy Griffin Is A Bully?

You know, lately is seems that you read a headline about something Sarah Palin has done or said and you go....what?  Huh?!  Well, she's done it again this week, calling Kathy Griffin a bully.  Kathy Griffin is a stand-up comediam who makes people laugh for a living.  Where in the world does she connect this with being a bully?

The sad thing is that she chose to do this on the eve of President Obama's bullying conference at the White House today which addresses the all to real problem of real bullies in schools, which recently have lead to a rash of suicides of LGBT teens.  This issue is deadly serious.  Well, fortunately, Kathy Griffin had a great sense of humor about the whole thing as she talked about it on the Lawrence O'Donnell Show last night.  She handles herself so well in this and has a surprise answer to Sarah's challenge to "come up to Alaska" so they can have words.  Oh brother.

Like I've said before, just keep talking Sarah....

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