January 6, 2011

Josh Groban Is Kinda Cute Singing Kanye's Tweets

Since officially moving to New York last fall, classical singing superstar Josh Groban seems to be working on something of a personal makeover.  He's scruffier now, has shorter hair, a new wardrobe and even funky glasses on occasion.  And lately he loves to make fun of himself too....first with some appearances on GLEE and now with a comic bit from Jimmy Kimmel in which he sings the tweets of Kanye West.

It's funny stuff and is kinda like the reverse of long-ago TONIGHT SHOW host Steve Allens' schitck where he would read the lyrics of rock'n'roll songs as serious poetry.  Anyway, Josh is major trending topic on Twitter today so people seem to like the new sillier Groban. The question is will it sell more copies of his new album?

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