August 27, 2009

On The Rocks With A Twist

There was an article in yesterday's NY TIMES dining section about not cocktails but ice. That's right, ice is the new black when it comes to fancy drinking. The main focus of the article is a Japanese mix-master Kazuo Uyeda (pictured) who has created his own particular style of mixing called the "Hard Shake". It sounds exciting, right...but does it make a better cocktail? The article calls in some scientific experts to meausure the temperature of drinks hard shaken or stirred and the results are surprising. That's science for you!

Earlier in the week, I went out for fancy birthday cocktails at
Pegu Club on Houston. They were doing some hard shaking there and the results were was the price at $13 per drink. I recommend the Old Fashioned, which was as billed. There was a lovely mint julepy thing too that smelled like a fresh cut lawn in Atlanta. Overall, this place was a nice treat and lovely to go on any night other than Friday or Saturday where reseverations are necesssary.

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