August 26, 2009

The Male Chastity Belt

OK ladies--do you have a husband whose commitment is not exactly monogamous? Do you want to keep that man in line? Well now you CAN--with the Male Chastity Belt!!! Alright--I know this sounds like I'm doing an SNL-style commercial spoof but this is actually a real product that apparently is selling to women desperate for a solution to their hubby's dalliances. Or maybe they're just getting it for good kinky fun.

The most popular model seems to be the CB-2000, priced from $70 up to $200, for the designer line (pictured above). It's made of plastic so it won't set of airport sensors...perfect for those long business trips! Knowing the male anatomy quite intimately, I'm not quite sure how these things will really stay on. And, if you were determined enough, I'm thinking it would be easy to snip that tiny little lock anyway? But then your wife would find out and if she's spent this much money on a cage for your penis, she is bound to be super-pissed.

My favorite part of their website though was the page with the
heading "Why?" Well, they have quite an answer. It's all about how the chastity belt puts "you" (the wife that is) back in control of your relationship now that you literally hold the one and only key to your husband's sexual satisfaction. Here's an choice excerpt: " Kiss him passionately, tease him, deny his sexual pleasure as long as possible. The results of this denial will be extraordinary!" Yeah, the results might also be 1st degree murder.

Below is a YouTube video I found of another crazy-looking chastity device. This one is made of stainless steel and has a diamond in the tip. I'm guessing the diamond is meant to show how much you care. Awwwww....

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