March 28, 2013

For Easter, A Sunday In The Peep With George

The WASHINGTON POST used to be known as a august newspaper of hard journalism and investigative reporting. But, like all newspapers in the Internet age, they've had to make some adjustments and lighten up to appeal to a wider (and younger) range of readers. Thus, for the last seven years, the POST has had a contest in which people are asked to submit diorama scenes created with Peeps, those delicious marshmallowy Easter treats. 

This year's contest debuted online today and I have a winner myself--A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of Le Grande Peep.  This one is a repeat finalist from previous years, a man by the name of Mark Rivetti who, so the caption says, has submitted his "master-peep". I know...they couldn't resist. And neither could I. Now I am seriously craving some Peeps. Bring it on, Easter!

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