February 4, 2013

Netflix Debuts HOUSE OF CARDS Entire Season

Some are calling it the end of television as we know it. Others are calling it a bold experiment. And some are calling it a huge mistake. But Netflix has broken new distribution ground this weekend when it released all 13 episodes of David Fincher's HOUSE OF CARDS political series via online streaming. I was more curious about the show than the way it's being delivered as David Fincher is one of my top contemporary directors. So I checked out this first three episodes on Friday and Saturday.

The first two were directed by Fincher himself and they are exquisite; dense and beautiful, sharply written and expertly acted, especially by Kevin Spacey playing a House majority whip with a sinister Southern nature. Robin Wright is just as good as his wife. Some of the plotting was a little pat (did a lifelong DC politico really never talk off the record to the press?) but the mosaic Fincher created is rich and rewarding to watch. Not surprising as they spent north of $100 million on the series. It could be the most expensive show on television...except it's not on television, technically.

The show is so good and dense that I can't imagine doing the binge-watching thing with this particular show. That seems more suited to guilty pleasures like REVENGE which are akin to bon-bons that you just keep popping. But this show is a steak and was delicious to watch. And I'll be watching more, just at a more leisurely pace.

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