September 18, 2012

Stand-Up Comedian Punks Fox News In Live Interview

With 50 days to go til the presidential election, I am growing weary of all the political talk on TV about the race.  So this clip brightened my day a bit.  A standup comedian named Max Rice somehow made it onto Fox News for a live interview segment where he was supposed to be a young man who voted for Obama in 2008 and has now switched to Romney.  Fox News had a script--that young voters were having second thoughts--and this guy fit this suit, as it were.  Problem was, though, he was just conning them to get on the air and make a few jokes.

Rice says that the producers at Fox News were so desperate to find someone to personify their narrative that they got him on the air, with little questions asked (at least beforehand). The interview is awkward and goofy and a nice little reminder to those out there at news organizations with an agenda about this election. My advice to Fox and all broadcasters for that matter is to report the news rather than trying to make it up.

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