August 14, 2012

Ran Palillo From WELCOME BACK COTTER Dies At 63

I'm not a big one for obits on this blog but this one struck me today. Ron Palillo, who played "Horshack" on WELCOME BACK KOTTER in the 1970s, the sitcom which launched John Travlota's career, died today in Palm Beach.  He was only 63 and the cause of death at yet is unknown, as reported on the Palm Beach Post website today. It is also reported that he is survived by his partner of 41(!) years Joseph Gramm, a fellow actor.

I loved this show as a kid and I think the fact that Ron and John were in it had a lot to do with that. One was super-hot and gay (though not exactly out yet) while the other was super-funny and gay. Of course, they both played it straight on the show. Still the gaydar came through the TV in a subliminal way and I just adored this show and saw every episode more than a few times....oh the hours spent watch sitcom re-runs after school. Anyway, a sad loss to note but also lovely to see Ron's four decade relationship honored in his obit.

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  1. How great in a might-have-been world had there been a story line for Horschak's unrequited love for Barberino. RIP Mr. Palillo my contemporary ~ go prepare a place for us!