August 28, 2012

A Fun Dance-y Video I Love By Walk The Moon

Last night, I went to check out Ben Lerman's Big Band Hot 100 last night at the Ace Hotel, a fun night of music when Ben and his band cover Billboard's top hits.  Most of them I knew but there was one catchy tune sung by the talented Marcos Sanchez that I didn't; "Anna Sun" by an alt-rock group called Walk The Moon.

Clearly, this band loves the 80s and thus I love them! Everything from the tune itself which is reminiscent of 80s college rock as well as the day-glo fashion....not to mention the hot dance moves.  Then there is also a hopefully intentional homage to Janet Jackson's "When I Think Of You" one shot video.  Anyway, it's a fun song that was apparently the song of summer 2011, according to Esquire magazine.  Somehow I missed that--but I am enjoying it just the same in 2012. Keep on rockin', WTM!

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