October 21, 2009

An Eloquent Speech On Equality For All

Earlier this year, Maine's legislature passed a bill which gave gays and lesbians same rights as heterosexual couples to be married under the laws of that state. This was not a so-called activist court in action. It was a measure brought forth by the state's elected representatives and signed by the state's popular elected governor. Still, the so-called Christians started gathering signatures and spreading fear and now Maine's marriage equality is up for the entire state to vote on this November.

When Maine was considering the original bill, there were extensive public hearings held with a great deal of public comment. Recently, a statement in support of equality for all by an 86 year old WWII vet has been making the rounds on the blogs. It is moving and beautiful in its simplicity. Too bad this guy wasn't around for the Prop 8 battle last year...

If you'd like to donate to help defeat Maine's Proposition 1, go
here. They need all the help they can get.

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  1. Brian, I've just come across this and was really moved. Why can't we have more people like Pjillip in this world? I hope they are successful in Maine. Here in Australia we have a long way to go before we are anywhere near where you guys are on this issue. I still hope I'll see it in my lifetime (but they'd better get a wriggle on!)
    Mike Ellis