June 26, 2012

Tired Of Destroying NYC, H'Wood Sets Sights On White House

Have you noticed the recent trend of superhero movies that always involve New York City bearing the brunt of some Hulk's (or alien's) destructive force?  Well, Hollywood is moving on to a new target to seek and destroy:  The White House.  

There is not one but two movies being prepped for next year that are DIE HARD-like scenarios set inside the White House as terrorists take over and/or destroy the President's stately home.  Though destroying the White House is not new (which was famously cheered on the INDEPENDENCE DAY trailer) setting a thriller inside of it is a novel twist, though given the fortress-like post-9/11 security perimeter which surrounds the Exeutive Mansion, highly implausible. Then again, it IS a movie....

Today, the Hollywood Reporter writes about the second of these films, called OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN, which will star Angela Bassett.  And no, she's not playing a Michelle Obama-like wife but the sexiest head of the Secret Service this country will ever see.  Anyway, the destruction of Washington will hit theatres in late 2013.

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