May 8, 2012

Zach Walls Is Not Running For Office But He Has Written A Book

In April, I attended the GLAAD Media Awards here in New York where one of the best speeches of the night was given by 21 year old Zach Walls.  In early 2011, Walls shot to YouTube fame when he spoke before the Iowa Judiciary Committee about being raised by two lesbian moms and gave an impassioned defense of his upbringing, summarized in this line: "the sexual orientation of my parents has zero effect on the content of my character." At the GLAAD event, Walls spoke so clearly and passionately that the buzz at our table was wondering when this articulate young man would be running for office.

In an interview over at Queerty today, Walls says he has no plans to run for office right now and is focusing on finishing his college studies in environmental engineering.  But he has not ruled it out and, in fact, could be seen as taking the first major step for any political candidate these days--he has written a memoir.  MY TWO MOMS, out in time for Mother's Day of course, is about growing up with his now semi-famous family.  Each chapter is headed with one word taken from the Boy Scouts oath (thrifty, brave, reverent, etc.).  Now if that isn't a savvy politician in the making!  Let's hope the book, in stores today, becomes Zach's DREAMS FROM MY FATHER...and that we'll see him on the national stage in 2028.

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