April 14, 2012

SATURDAY SPECIAL: Anderson Cooper's Giggles And Gets In Trouble With Buffalo

Anderson Cooper may be the hottest journalist on TV. But he is fast developing a reputation as the silliest one as well. For the second time in recent months, he had a full-blown on-air giggle-fit over a story about Dyngus Day.  This happened during his live CNN show and then the video got so viral that the residents of Buffalo, who celebrate this holiday, got a bit miffed over Anderson's less than serious take on their annual ritual.  They are now referring to Cooper as the "Pussy-Willow Prince" and have invited him to take place in next year's celebration. Knowing Coopers' taste for any sort of publicity, my bet is he'll probably show with Kathy Griffin at his side.  Afterall, he'll need a "Pussy-Willow Princess"...

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