March 12, 2012

Randy Rainbow Sings A Marriage Duet With Kirk Cameron

Former child star Kirk Cameron has been hating on marriage equality lately.  The born-again Christian was on PIERS MORGAN, last week going on and on about Adam and Eve and how the gays are "unnatural." He certainly has a right to his beliefs and the freedom to express them. However, you might think that a performer who was raised in this business called show and clearly owes his career, wealth and fame to many of the gays and lesbians working in the entertainment industry might be a little more tolerant of differences and supportive of equality. But his extreme brand of faith (he's starred and produced in a series of movies about the Rapture) has trumped all rational thought.

Anyway, this week Kirk gets his online comeuppance with a totally unauthorized starring role in Randy Rainbows' latest video.  Yay!  Kirk and Randy even do a lovely duet about getting married....awwww.  My favorite part though is Randy describing Kirk to his mom as "an out of work actor" and his mom flipping out over that!  Randy strikes again...

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