January 23, 2012

A Tribute To Producer Steven Spielberg

Most of us think of Steven Spielberg as a director.  However, while he has helmed nearly 40 feature films  in his 40 plus year career, he has produced more than 130 features (not to mention a new TV show.) Over the weekend, the Producers Guild of America honored Spielberg with its 2012 David O. Selznick achievement award.

Before receiving the award, they played a clip reel of film that Spielberg served on as a producer. And while you'll certainly recognize some of these classic Spielberg titles, there are many other films iconic (BACK THE FUTURE) and otherwise (BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED) included in this sharply edited homage to his body of work as a producer.  [As a sidenote, Todd Sandler, who edited this tribute, is also editor of The Devotion Project shorts that I've feature here.]  It's a striking look at this modern day mogul's effect on the film industry over the last four decades.

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