January 26, 2012

First-Time Oscar Nominee Bret McKenzie Is Kinda Cute

I've slacked a bit on my semi-irregular "Kinda Cute" feature here on the blog. But today, I was inspired to get it going by Bret McKenzie, who you may know as the star of a daffy, little HBO show called FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS.  I always thought he was quite cute and scruffy on that show, as him and his partner wrote songs and kicked about the East Village with their rag-tag team of friends.

But as of this week, Bret is a first-time Oscar nominee for his awesome song "Man or Muppet" from THE MUPPETS movie.  Does this make him cuter? No, it just gives me a timely tag to feature him today!

The New York TIMES caught up with Brett by phone down in New Zealand, where he is originally from.  He seemed pretty surprised and delighted about the nod for his original song.  He was even more excited by his unusual chances of winning.  This year, there were only two nominees for best song, the other from the movie RIO. So Bret has a 50/50 chance of winning. So I look forward to his charming acceptance speech...and how he looks in a tux!

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