August 17, 2011

Win A Free Trip To Outer Space

With the end of the Space Shuttle program, private companies are stepping in to fill the breach in space travel.  One company is providing a free ride up to the International Space Station and back as part of a promotion for Seattle's Space Needle. This landmark observation tower, constructed for the World's Fair in 1962, is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a contest for a trip into space.

There's an article in todays TIMES with the details. One line which struck me, when talking about the risks of space travel, was that Robert Servart who is running the Needle used to run Six Flags.
Sending someone into space seems a rather audacious public relations stunt, one that could carry considerable risk to the winner, not to mention the Space Needle. Mr. Sevart said the winner would sign a liability waiver. He has experience in such things, having run three major Six Flags properties.
To enter, you don't even have to go to Seattle or the Space Needle.  You just have to check out their website, and enter online.  But it's not just a random lottery...there will 1,000 folks selected to submit videos for a competition to see who has the most adventurous spirit or something.  And the willingness to sign an incredibly long legal waiver.

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