February 15, 2012

Diving Horses To Return To Atlantic City

Back in the old days, when people went to Atlantic City for things other than gambling, one of the more popular and bizarre attractions were the diving horses.  Located on the famous Steel Pier, the horses would take a leap from a platform 40 feet in the air into a tank that was just 12 feet deep.  In 1970, as people deserted Atlantic City in droves, the horses stopped falling as well.  And that was seen as a good thing.

Now, though, Anthony Catanoso, a new developer there, has big plans for the Steel Pier, formerly owned by Donald Trump. He will be bringing it back to life with new attractions, a beer garden and the old diving horses too.  And what does PETA have to say about this?  Surprisingly nothing...so far.  But the Humane Society did speak up recently, saying it was against this "inhumane and potentially abusive" use of horses.  It seems that if this attraction does actually come together, it would be an instant magnet for protestors as opposed to tourists.  But if the horses do start diving again, people are going to watch.

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  1. So, the same day I posted this, horse diving in AC got the hook (as they say in show biz). The animal rights uproar over the whole thing was too much for the developer to handle