August 2, 2011

Performers Get Naked On Wall Street

Yesterday morning, the workers of Wall Street were confronted by naked versions of themselves.  Artist Zefrey Throwell put together a performance art piece called "Occularpation" in which dozens of men and women stripped bare and mimicked the work of the daily denizens of the financial district.  He had men pushing brooms and women acting as traders, all in the nude, "working" in and around the NY Stock Exchange.

Most the the New Yorkers watching seemed pretty unfazed and a newspaper man quoted in the TIMES said he'd seen a lot of nudity this summer because of the heat.  Not surprisingly though, this morning peep show did not last long as NYC cops came in and arrested three of the guys, booking them for disorderly conduct.  Zefrey did a similar performance piece in San Francisco which featured himself naked on the street doing the work of a cubicle drone.  There the performance lasted for a few hours and, of course, no one batted an eye. And that's the difference between SF and NYC.

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