July 19, 2011

Death Row Inmate's Victim Sues State To Stop Execution

Forget Casey & Caylee--if you want a true crime story that not only amazes but actually inspires, here it is. The shooting victim of a man who is now on death row petitioned Texas to commute his sentence to life and, now that the Supreme Court has turned his request down, he is suing the state for violating his rights as a victim.  This is no frivolous lawsuit either.  This is a man on a mission.

Rais Bhuylin, a conveience store clerk, was one of three people shot in Mark Stroman's post-9/11 rage shooting spree.  Bhuylin (pictured here shortly after the shooting) was the only one who survived but he was left blind in one eye.  However, in line with his Muslim faith, he has not only forgiven his assailant but believes he does not deserve to die and has been lobbying for the a life-without-parole sentence. For his part, Stroman, age 41, deeply regrets his admittedly stupid and deadly actions nearly a decade ago but will now face his death by lethal injection Wednesday morning. In Texas, there is no room for forgiveness

This story was featured on the CBS Evening News last night but the only version of it I can find online today is over at BBC News...go figure.  It's 10 times more fascinating than the tabloid-obsession over Casey/Caylee because it gets to the heart of the American justice system and the continuing battle between retribution and rehabilitation.


  1. Excellent comments. The story of Bhuylin trying to save Stroman from execution is quite extraordinary but seems to have generated only moderate interest in much of the corporate media. I found the best stories in the UK, oddly enough.

    Maybe depicting a Muslim in such a positive light is not considered of much interest here in the U.S.

  2. Agreed--I'm surprised this story got very little coverage in the US, other than the piece on CBS. But I think that's probably the reason why...