May 23, 2011

ABC's Trailer For New 60's Series PAN AM

So this one of the more exciting trailers I've seen for the new 2011 fall TV season, which was announced here in NYC last week. PAN AM is ABC's entry in the MAD MEN rip-off genre (NBC is doing THE PLAYBOY CLUB).  But the Playboy trailer does not look promising....something about one of the bunnies accidentally killing a mobster?!  Huh?!

PAN AM has it's own twist too but it sounds somewhat more plausible and a helluva lot more interesting than TV mobsters; one of the stewardesses is recruited to be an international spy! The show looks incredible, has some handsome Draper-esque dudes and it stars Christina Ricci too. And having a little Frank Sinatra setting the mood sure helps.  Coming this fall....

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