April 12, 2011

Michelle Bachmann May Be Scarier Than Sarah Palin

Congresswoman Michele Bachman, a Republican from Minnesota, has been making the Iowa rounds lately, testing the waters for a possible Presidential run in 2012.  And from some of her recent statements, posted today on Towleroad, she might actually be scarier than Sarah Palin.

Railing against gay marriage, she went on a diatribe over state and federal judges referring to them as "black-robed masters".  And then there was this choice quote: "They are not put there to make decisions".   OK--I honestly don't care if you don't like the idea of gay marriage and think it's immoral and all that religious jazz.  But seriously, if you want to want to run for President, you should know that the judiciary branch plays a key role in our system of government, namely that of making DECISIONS.  To refer to them as sinister, mystical "masters" is not only bad rhetoric but it suggests a base ignorance of our constitutional form of government.

Rep. Bachman was a hit with the conservatives she aimed her remarks at. But she was also heckled a few times at a college event.  She can expect more heckling if she continues to spew not just hate but sheer ignorance of the government which she might aspire to run someday.

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