April 28, 2011

The Latest Coffee Trend--The "Growler" To Go

A few years ago, I first saw my first "growler" at the beer market in Whole Foods on The Bowery.  You could buy a 64oz. dark jug (aka a growler) of home brewed beer.  It was cheap, cool and semi-Green because you could also bring the jug back for refills.

Now this trend has jumped over to the artisan brewed coffee world.  As reported by NY TIMES trend hound Florence Fabricant, there are two coffee joints that are now offering growlers of cold-brewed iced coffee.  How perfect for summer to have a big jug of perky cool coffee goodness in the fridge?  You can get one at the Nolita Mart or the uber-trendy Birch Coffee, across from the ACE Hotel, for only $13.99....that's a deal when you think that 4 grande iced coffees at Starbucks w/ice costing you about the same.  So get ready for summer and get your "growler" on!

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