April 1, 2011

Florida's Newest Senator Is Kinda Cute

I had never heard about Senator Marco Rubio (R) and maybe neither have you.  He is only 39 years old and was elected in a surprise 3-way race for an open Senate seat in Florida.  He aligned himself with the Tea Party ideas without actually identifying himself as a card-carrying member.  (That means he's smart!) And since taking office less than 3 months ago, he has been keeping a very low profile....taking cues from the experience of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in their Senate terms.

However, suddenly Sen. Rubio is everywhere as he takes on Congress over his main issue; spending.  He appeared on the front page today of the NY TIMES in an article about his increasingly visibility as a promoter of fiscal responsibility and cuts as debate on the hill over the budget heats up. After some TV appearances and op-eds this week, there is some talk he may be angling for a VP slot in 2012. Though I cast my vote for him in the Kinda Cute column, he would be running as a Republican.  Since I haven't voted Republican since....well....ever, that rules that out.

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