March 23, 2011

Wonder Woman Gets A New Look For NBC Pilot

The TV producer of ALLY MCBEAL is returning to the network game with a remake of WONDER WOMAN.  This planned reboot of the '70s TV series has long been in the works but now they are finally shooting the pilot this spring, starring Adrienne Palecki with a new outfit and everything. My only disappointment is that is will not be set during Word War II meaning they will have to rewrite the theme song; instead of "make the Axis fold" it will have to be  "make Al Qaeda fold".

I think the outfit, and the new star, look amazing.  However, FOX news does not agree.  They believe her new, shiny duds are not patriotic enough because it's missing the old stars and stripes that Lynda Carter wore.  They have even  taken to calling this a "globalized" Wonder Woman.  Oy.  Can't they just admit it that they are jealous that this show is not on their network.  NBC, also home to FOX favorites Rachel Maddow and formerly Keith Olberman, has the rights to the new series despite the fact that many of the producers previous shows, MCBEAL and BOSTON PUBLIC, were on Fox.

Anyway, let's hope this '70s re-up is much better than the BIONIC WOMAN.

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