March 30, 2011

Nick Pitera Is A One-Man Disney Movie

Singer Nick Pitera has been burning up YouTube over the last year with his one-man duets of classic Mencken/Ashman Disney songs, singing both the male and female roles.  It certainly helps that he is not only cute but actually looks a bit like a Disney character himself with features that are all just slightly exaggerated, from his big eyes to his big hair.

In his latest video, he creates something of an epic; a Disney medley in which he plays/sings not just two roles but six.  It's a little lengthy but still fun to watch as he acts all the roles out in a cartoony way.  It also makes me wonder how many takes he did to get this just right. If you're wondering what this amateur singing sensation do for a living, he works at Pixar Animation Studios.  Really!

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