January 13, 2011

When Polar Bears Attack Video Cameras

Below is a video clip from a UK nature show in which polar bears, who are being secretly filmed by some very clever spy cams, get a little too curious about these strange objects that are following them around.  Apparently, more than any other animal they have filmed before using these stealthy cams, the polar bears not only take notice of their new "friends" but also get incredibly curious as well.

The bears are sorta playful but sorta scary, especially when they crack open these pieces of machinery with their bare paws as if they merely were just another walnut.  While polar bears may be cute, they are pretty damn strong too and best viewed from a distance....or a reinforced spy cam.

1 comment:

  1. I heard about this! I totally missed whatever programme it was on though :(
    They are so funny to watch, I wish I could some day go to the Antarctica!