January 4, 2011

Jeff Bridges Has A Really Cool Website

Jeff Bridges has been on the talk show circuit lately for not one but two movies that are out this holiday season;  TRUE GRIT and TRON LEGACY  Though actually TRON is more like a big video game than a movie.  Granted a very cool looking and sounding video game in which he plays two characters, including a 30 years younger version of himself from the original TRON.

Anyway, I saw him on Jimmy Kimmel last week ostensibly pitching TRON. But they mainly talked about other stuff, like THE BIG LEBOWSKI and the cult of The Dude.  Jimmy also mentioned that he had visisted Jeff Bridges website and was very impressed by it.  I checked it out and have to agree.....it's pretty unique.  Bridges is an artist and photographer and the website utilitzes his quirky handwriting and original drawings to show off his artistic side.  Its really worth a visit...and, unlike TRON, it is free.  Though his photobook of Wideluxe movie set stills and other works of art are available for purchase.

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