January 21, 2011

Forget Spidey-The Book Of Mormon Is Coming To Bway

The big Spiderman news this week, as reported in the NY TIMES, is that they added a new closing number with more flying around the theatre and ending with the movie's famous upside down kiss w/Mary Jane.  This is news?  Really?!

Look--if you want some actual news about what's happening on Broadway these days, the funniest new musical to hit the Great White Way since AVENUE Q is opening in March and you probably haven't heard much about it.  Trust me, you will hear more as word spreads about THE BOOK OF MORMON, a collaboration between the South Park guys (Trey Parker and Matt Stone) and the creator of AVENUE Q.

I was lucky enough to catch the show in a workshop production at the Vineyard Theatre in 2009 and it was awesome.  It's about a couple young Mormon's who get sent on their first missionary trip to Africa....comic chaos ensues.  It is full of tasteless but hilarious laugh-til-you-cry jokes and some outrageous songs in the style of TEAM AMERICA'S crazier bits (remember the AIDS number?).  I don't want to give all the good stuff away so I'm gonna leave it at that.  Previews begin February 24th and the show will actually open a month later, on March 24th. Take that Spidey!

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