July 20, 2010

Facebook Goes Hollywood

As everyone knows, Facebook has taken over the world with its 500 million friends.  But can it rule Hollywood too?  We'll find out this fall as director David Fincher ("Fight Club") brings the story of the founding of FB to the big screen.  Set way back in 2003, it's all about Mark Zuckenberg who famously decided to put Harvard's Freshman "facebook" online.  (As a side note, if Mark had gone to Boston College, we'd all be logging on to "meatbook" which is what it was called when I was an undergrad.)

Anyway, this supercool trailer was released last week after a less than cool teaser came out earlier this summer.  When someone asked me to describe the trailer I said it had a lot of cute/crazy college kids yelling at each other...like a geeky "Less Than Zero".  Oh--and Justin Timberlake playing a nerd.  Hot.

"The Social Network" will be the opening night film at the NY Film Festival on September 24th and then open in limited release that weekend. It will go wider depending on how much you "like" it.

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