June 22, 2010

The Prince of Sweden Is Kinda Cute

This weekend the Princess of Sweden married her former personal trainer in the biggest European royal wedding since Charles and Di.  After exchanging "ja's" and even shedding some tears, Daniel Westling became officially known as HRH Prince Daniel, Duke of Vastergotland.  And now I'm unofficially crowning him Kinda Cute.

Unfortunately, the AP, AFP and Reuters declined to cover the event due to restrictions by the Swedish government.  So there is a real dearth of adorkable photos of Prince Daniel.  The Washington Post website has a slideshow of Getty images that are lovely and give a good sense of the Prince's, well, prince-liness.  He was just a commoner but look at him now...a real live Disney character! 

Congrats to the royal couple and here's hoping that their royal marriage truly lasts forever after.

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