May 17, 2010

Singing Soap Operas

As daytime soap operas disappear, they are resorting to more and more desperate to tactics to grab viewers waning attention; shooting on location, hot gay romances and now terribly executed musical numbers. 

Brian Moylan at Gawker posted some video from last weeks "One Life To Love" where they unleashed their own take on the Go-Go's "Our Lips Our Sealed". The number kicks in at a beauty salon as part of a run up to prom in the fictional town where the show is set.  It's pretty awful, like something from the 80's Mousekeeters Club (the one Britney was on) except for one difference...none of these girls can sing or dance. 

It all seems like a lame ploy to grab some GLEE fans as the soaps try to postpone their slow but inevitable trip down the TV drain.  

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