April 1, 2010

The Wilderness In Queens

I recently took an expedition out to far reaches of Queens for a trek through the Jamaica Wildlife Refuge. This unique 9,000 acre mix of park and coastal wetland is run by the National Park Service, which took it over in 1972 from NY City.  At the center of the Refuge, are two man-made, fresh water lakes created by none other than infamous car/bridge man Robert Moses.  There are two lengthy hiking trails that circle these lakes where you can see more than 300 species of birds, not to mention turtles and even snakes.  

Though it was a little early too see much fauna in March, there was plenty of flora and some beautiful landscapes. I've posted some pics of my adventure below.  It's amazing that this is technically New York City.  If you want to go see for yourself, it's easily accessible via the A train and bus....or a nice leisurely walk through the island town of Broad Channel.  That quirky little town will be the subject of a future post....

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